2500 Ton Gib-Guided Bulge Forming Press with quick die change

St. Louis, MO –Fike Corporation, a globally recognized leader in engineered solutions for process safety and facilities protection, recently their fifth Beckwood hydraulic press. Fike’s previous success with Beckwood and their exposure to the press manufacturer’s modern, high-quality press solutions made their choice an easy one.

Among the items on Fike’s wish list for the new press were a more advanced control system, efficient large product tool handling, and improved part quality and repeatability. Beckwood worked closely with Fike to address these needs and proposed a fully custom gib-guided press, designed specifically around Fike’s stringent process requirements.

“Our customers are constantly looking for Beckwood to provide a technological advantage in terms of pressure and positional accuracies,” said Beckwood president, Jeffrey Debus. “This press will enable Fike to continue to exceed their customers’ expectations and remain on the cutting edge of technology.”

Corporations such as Fike repeatedly choose Beckwood for unique and challenging projects because they excel at thinking “outside-the-box”. Beckwood’s vast industry experience, mixed with their creative and collaborative style throughout the sales, design, and manufacturing processes ensures that every customer receives the perfect machine for their application.

“As the project manager working with Beckwood on our first collaboration in 2005, I was very pleased with the integrity, dedication, and commitment I witnessed each and every day,” said Bill Schwagerman, Project Manager for Fike Corporation. “In the ten years since then, I can say that Beckwood has taken these attributes to the next level of professionalism and quality.”

About Fike Corporation

Fike Corporation is a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered solutions for fire protection, pressure relief, overpressure protection, and pressure activation. Since 1945 Fike’s highly skilled workforce has designed and built solutions for Fortune 500 companies and businesses around the world that want peace of mind from experiencing consequences of serious financial loss or a devastating disaster. Learn more at www.fike.com


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