Beckwood Jared Haman

“The people I get to work with are the most enjoyable part of my job. Our team is not only very knowledgeable but more than willing to share their knowledge to help others. This cooperative spirit drives innovation, strengthens communication, and helps us build better machines.

Everyone’s ideas are valued equally at Beckwood, and management works hard to make sure we all feel included. The Foundations for Success program is one way we are able to put our ideas into action and make company-wide changes that increase customer satisfaction, promote effective communication, encourage a can-do attitude, and improve our quality of life.

Beckwood values their employees and shows them appreciation regularly. It’s the little things like catered lunches, ice cream deliveries, bonuses, holiday parties, BBQs, Blues ticket giveaways, and happy hours that build our ‘family’ culture and make this a great place to work.”