Darrell has 25 years of experience as a fluid power and hydraulic specialist. He began as a sale’s engineer with a fluid power distributor, and from there, he transitioned to engineering for a couple of years before coming to Beckwood in 2006. Darrell is our Principal Engineer, which means he provides support with hydraulics, controls, servo-electric actuators, and more. Through his years of experience, he mentors and trains the next generation of hydraulic specialists.

His mentoring role in the engineering department is crucial to the manufacturing industry as a whole, specifically the fluid power sector. He has a hand in every project we design. While he’s not mentoring or training, he is out fishing for bass and crappies on his boat. He’s a sci-fi reader and a family-oriented person with two dogs named Chester and Grendel.

“I like the teaching part, it has grown on me. I like helping our younger engineers learn and now they’re doing schematics and starting up machines– it’s very rewarding to see their successes.”

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