Beckwood is committed to promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of our organization. From internal initiatives that reduce waste and energy consumption to industry-leading “smart” technologies developed for our hydraulic presses, we are able to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


Being a responsible corporate citizen extends far beyond a company recycling program or turning off the lights at night. At Beckwood, sustainability means meeting the economic and environmental needs of our employees and communities and enabling future generations to follow in our footsteps.

We are mindful of our recycling and disposal practices and partner with companies who are equally dedicated to protecting the environment. Our used hydraulic oil is responsibly collected and re-refined by Heritage-Crystal Clean, the second largest oil re-refinery in the United States, while our scrap metal shavings are sent to Shapiro Metals, one of the largest metal recycling companies in the world.


Being “Beckwood Tough” also means giving back to the community whenever possible. From canned food drives and electronics recycling to cleaning transitional housing units and collecting books for our active-duty military, Beckwood offers many outlets for employees to share their talents and expertise beyond the shop floor.

Beckwood also understands that educating the next generation of engineers and production staff is vital to our success. By volunteering with local STEM and robotics programs and donating used components and equipment to local tech schools, we further our commitment to the future of U.S. manufacturing.


Our workforce is our most precious resource, and our success depends on creating a safe work environment for them. We foster a safety-oriented culture and implement practices to ensure that all employees can perform their job tasks without injury. Our Safety Committee meets twice each month to discuss and implement strategies that will prevent injuries and inspire safe work habits.

An engaged workforce is critical to creating a safe workplace, which is why employees are encouraged to identify and report unsafe working conditions and propose more efficient ways of performing their job tasks. From installing ergonomic workstations to providing protective eyewear, Beckwood is committed to the health, safety, and welfare every employee.