Complimentary to our strategic objectives, Beckwood has defined four Foundations for Success to guide our employees and shape our corporate culture. Together, these ideas form the basis of everything we do. They’re why we come to work every day and why we continue to manufacture the best hydraulic presses available on the market.

Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

To simply say, “We put our customers first” would be an understatement. We don’t just meet their expectations, we exceed them, every day, in every way possible. From Sales to Project Management to Billing, every Beckwood employee is committed to giving 110% effort 100% of the time, listening to the customer’s needs, providing the best solution to meet those needs, and striving for constant improvement. We treat every customer as if they are our only customer.

Maintain a Can-Do Attitude

Success depends heavily on believing in your own ability to succeed. Instead of immediately citing reasons why something is impossible, hard, a lot of work, time consuming or expensive, we exhaust all the ways achieving it IS possible. Our customers expect industry-leading solutions using cutting-edge technologies. To meet their expectations, we must work together to develop the best product conceivable.

Make Beckwood a Great Place to Work

We spend roughly 50% of our lives at work, so the more we can make it feel less like “work,” the better. We believe laughter and lightheartedness create an atmosphere that fuels innovation, improves communication, and inspires dedication in every project. By focusing on the positives and rejecting negativity, every Beckwood employee is able to freely contribute their unique talents to every project.

From the summertime hog roast to the chili cook-off and the family-friendly holiday party, we know how to have a good time. We even enjoy occasional visits from the ice cream man throughout the year.

Communicate Effectively

Great communication is vital to our success. As an organization, we value transparency and go to great lengths to ensure our entire workforce understands our business. Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page, leading to faster and better solutions. We know when we remain completely transparent, our respect, passion, and integrity are easy to see.

How we share information with each other is important too. We may not always agree, but we expect everyone to be respectful, honest, and open when giving and receiving constructive feedback. No one person has all the answers, so it is paramount that we encourage and ask questions, speak directly and honestly, and listen actively to increase understanding.

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