Beckwood servo presses use an electro-mechanical actuator to control the slide motion throughout the stroke. With this technology you will achieve near-mechanical speeds without sacrificing the precision you’ve come to love from a traditional hydraulic press. Our most energy-efficient press models, servos are also easy to program, operate, and maintain.

The monolithic (or straightside) frame together with an 8-point square gib guidance system ensures parallelism is maintained throughout the cycle. Since the gibs are fully adjustable left-to-right as well as front-to-back, our servo presses offer very tight clearances and superior resistance to lateral slide motion.

While our servo presses are typically used in assembly applications (trimming, punching, crimping, etc), they can also be adapted for more complex forming processes like deep drawing.

Not sure if servo technology is right for you? Consult a servo press expert!

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