Ranging in size from 3 to 55 tons, Beckwood’s DJ Series hydro-pneumatic and hydraulic benchtop presses are ideal for assembly, punching, trimming, blanking, stamping, and coining applications. These standardized press systems can be modified for processes that require specific stroke, shut height, or bed size, and can be integrated to work seamlessly with surrounding equipment.

Beckwood offers several standard DJ Series models, each with a variety of user-friendly features and options. Our benchtop presses offer manufacturers a simple solution at a competitive price all while providing the support and application expertise Beckwood customers have come to appreciate and expect with larger customized press systems.

Each DJ Series press must pass Beckwood’s exhaustive quality control program and has the full support of our customer service department. Beckwood clients gain peace-of-mind knowing their benchtop press will continue to exceed their production goals long into the future.

Advantages of Beckwood DJ Benchtop Presses

  • Cost-effective
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Three access points to the operating area facilitate easy die maintenance and adjustments as well as aid in the evacuation of scrap metal and finished parts

Should your operation require a larger, more robust machine, we also offer fully customized C-frame presses.

Consult a Beckwood Engineer about Your Press Needs