Category: Assembly

Press Automation Experts

Beckwood's press automation capabilities will streamline your production and increase throughput using a unified controls system.

Automated Assembly Press

Hydraulic press with automated conveyor system, perpendicularity tool & infrared laser sensors for assembly application.

EVOx Servo-Electric Assembly Press

Watch this c-frame servo-electric assembly press reach positional accuracy to within +/-0.0005" in Position Mode and collect data at a rate of 1000 samples per second.

Benchtop C-Frame Presses

From 3-55 tons, Beckwood's benchtop press line is versatile and compact for assembly applications.

Electro-Mechanical Servo-Driven Presses

Watch these 13-ton electro-mechanical servo-driven presses designed for precision trimming.

Punching / Blanking

Check out this 75-ton hydraulic punching press operating at 60 cycles/minute.

Sawyer the Robot

Sawyer from Rethink Robotics visited us thanks to HTE Technologies! Watch him form parts in a Triform press.