Triform 12-15-7BD Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Press

The Triform 12-15-7 deep draw sheet hydroforming press offers a 12 inch forming area, a punch lower punch force of 280 tons, and a draw depth capacity of up to 7 inches. With 15,000 PSI of even forming pressure, this model is ideal for deep draw work on high-strength metal alloys.

This model provides all of the “standard” luxuries of the Triform line including our proprietary “In-Sight” feature which allows you to stop the press and make a visual and physical inspection of a part during the forming sequence. This feature is excellent for rapid part development and allows you to check the part to ensure your recipe is forming properly. Additionally this model can come equipped with an optional tool changer. These features are incredibly valuable to operations with high mix / low volume production.

As with all Triform presses, this machine includes remote factory support and is backed by Beckwood’s industry leading service and support.

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