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ChallengeImprove overall part quality and reduce secondary finishing.
SolutionTriform presses offer high-performance forming capability through the even application of pressure on every square inch of the part’s surface. This equal pressure, programmable via Triform’s intuitive control platform, offers net shape part production while minimizing wrinkles, improving part definition, and eliminating hand finishing.
ChallengeReduce tooling costs.
SolutionSince the diaphragm acts as a universal female die, mated tooling is not required, reducing tooling costs by 50% -90% vs. conventional press tooling. Tools can be made from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, 3D printed substrates, poured epoxies, and even wood. The use of non-mated tooling also allows for faster setup and change-over. With Triform, it takes only a few seconds to position the tool and blank in the working area and start the cycle.
ResultsOnce Jinpao receive process qualification and First Article Inspection (FAI) using the sheet hydroforming process, they intend to seek Tier 1 Supplier Status with Boeing and Airbus and expand production to include titanium, Inconel and other high-strength alloys.
Max Chamber Pressure5,000 PSI
Forming Area24" Diameter
Form Tool Clearance5"

Sheet hydroforming takes flight in Thailand

Jinpao Precision Industry Co. Ltd. started as a hard-tooling company in 1998, but with an aggressive expansion plan, quickly evolved into a leading job shop in Southeast Asia specializing in low-volume, high-mix aerospace part production. They expect to expand their Aerospace Division to house a dedicated area specializing in unique manufacturing processes like stretch forming and deep draw sheet hydroforming.

“We would like to grow together with our aerospace customers utilizing our diversified capabilities and engineering expertise,” said Chung Kuo-Sung (Victor Chung), Managing Director at Jinpao. “We need machinery that can easily form complex shapes, and we need to cut costs for extensive tooling in order to be competitive in the aerospace market.”

Among the new machinery in Jinpao’s Aerospace Division is a Triform model 24-5FC fluid cell sheet hydroforming press manufactured by Beckwood Press Company. With a 24-in. diameter forming area and capable of 5,000 psi of forming pressure, Jinpao’s Triform press is one of the most versatile models available on the market today.

Ideal for low-volume, high-mix part production, Jinpao’s new Triform press has become a critical component in their state-of-the-art forming facility.

“Originally, we were using conventional stamping machines to form sheet metal parts,” said Chung. “It is common knowledge that these methods are prone to tooling marks, wrinkling, scratches, and other cosmetic defects. Because of this, we started looking for an alternative method of forming parts without the disadvantages of cold forming.”

“With sheet hydroforming, we can form complex designs without the need for extensive tooling,” said Chung.  “We were able to cut tooling costs in half because the diaphragm serves as the female die. Operation time is also reduced significantly because of its ability to form multiple parts in a single cycle.”

“The Triform team is very supportive,” recalled Chung. “Their Sales, Application, and Engineering teams are very helpful to a new-entry company in this industry.  We ultimately chose Triform because of their total solution.”

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