Quick Facts
Type of PressTriform Deep Draw 16-10-7DD
Max Chamber Pressure10,000 PSI
Forming Area16" Diameter
Lower Punch Stroke7"
Max Punch Tool Diameter12"
ChallengeEliminate annealing from the forming process to have better weld quality in final assembly.
SolutionThanks to Triform's ability to tightly control the flow of the material as the downward acting bladder holds the material while the tool extends atop a punch cylinder, Aerosud was able to completely eliminate all 6 annealing steps. Now the part can be formed without using any heat in the process allowing for a better weld quality during final assembly.
ChallengeReduce expense associated with scrap and part thinning.
SolutionBecause the Triform press is able to form the cannister in a single step with controlled flow of the material, thinning of the part has been reduced significantly. Aerosud is now able to buy blanks that are 10% thinner. Additionally, because of the process repeatability inherent in a Triform, scrap parts are a thing of the past.
ResultsAerosud was able to eliminate 100% of their annealing process. They can now procure thinner starting materials, and scrap rates are less than 1%. The finished parts also offer a better weld quality in final assembly and the overall appearance is greatly improved. The reduction in forming steps also means parts can be produced faster with less skilled labor.

Aerosud Holdings, a manufacturer of wing components for commercial airliners located in Pretoria, South Africa, was experiencing a bottleneck in the production of aluminum canisters for the Airbus A320. The company’s traditional forming operations required six annealing steps to draw a 4.5-in. diameter canister 6.5-in. deep. Excessive thinning in the process — which resulted in high scrap rates — required a starting sheet thickness of .080-in. In addition, the high number of anneals affected the quality of the welding in the final assembly and made it difficult to meet demanding delivery schedules.

sheet hydroforming eliminates annealingBy moving production to a Triform deep draw sheet hydroforming press, Aerosud is now able to draw the canisters consistently without needing a single annealing process. Additionally, the steady, uniform pressure of the Triform press reduced material thinning greatly, allowing the blank thickness to be reduced from a .080-in. sheet to a .063-in. sheet, offering significant material cost savings.

Thanks to Aerosud’s new 16-10-7DD Triform press, annealing has been completely eliminated from the forming process, part production costs have been lowered by 25%, scrap rates have been reduced to less than 1%, weld quality has been greatly improved, and the overall appearance of the final parts has been enhanced.

Video: See how sheet hydroforming works