20 Ton 4-Post Dual-Action Press with muti-cavity platens, pneumatic dwell cycle and steam-heated platens
ApplicationDual-action, Compression Molding
Frame Style4-Post
Special Features• Dual acting
• Muti-cavity
• Pneumatic dwell cycle
• Steam-heated platens
Intended UseUsed to pre-heat molds for a construction equipment manufacturer

Custom Features:

  • Upper cavity forming pressure 20 tons, lower cavity forming pressure 20 tons
  • Both presses share a common HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) and Controls System
  • (8) chrome housing posts with graphite impregnated bronze bushings for superior ram guidance and rigidity
  • Mold extraction system allows for fork truck removal of larger molds
  • Upper cavity’s force created by “pull-up” action cylinders, lower cavity force created with up acting cylinders
  • Platens are drilled and plugged for serpentine flow of steam heating up to 275°F
  • (2) pneumatic dwell systems allow the primary electric motor & pump to be turned ‘off’ during prolonged dwell periods for increased energy efficiency and reduced noise
  • Globe valves for regulating steam flow through platens
  • Emergency steam shutoff
  • Decompression circuit included for the springs inside of the molds
  • Calculated Ram Speeds: Approach: 101 IPM; Return: 198 IPM

Common Features on Beckwood Presses:

  • Heavy duty box beam design for superior rigidity and modular tie rod assembly utilizing pre-tensioning nuts for optimum performance
  • Fully adjustable Parker cylinders with full rated tonnage throughout the stroke
  • PressLink Remote Support module for complementary diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Dual linear and pressure transducers in the main ram cylinders for optimal reliability and redundancy
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC, programmable control system with touch screen HMI and Recipe Functionality
  • Structure designed for Infinite Life in accordance with rigorous simulation analysis through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) design testing
  • Backed by Beckwood’s industry leading dedicated service and support team