50 Ton Hot Joggle Press
ApplicationJoggle Forming
Frame Style4-Post
Special Features• Anti-rotation feature in ram
• Gib-guided side acting clamp cylinders
Intended UseUsed to create multiple bends in aerospace parts

Custom Features:

  • Non-heated bed bolster is 20”L x 36”W x 3.5”D and serves as mounting surfaces for the heated lower fixture
  • Anti-rotation ram is machined for attachment of customer provided tooling
  • (2) Chrome housing posts with oversized poured/cast ram guide bushings for superior ram guidance and rigidity
  • Bed fixture is furnished multi-zone heaters for heating up to 450°F
  • (2) gib-guided side acting clamp cylinders connected to a side-acting ram to eliminate horizontal movement and prevent die misalignment
  • Light curtains guarding the front and rear openings of the press; bolt on expanded metal guarding on the sides of the press
  • Reservoir and power system are mounted underneath the press
  • Kidney loop filter/cooler circuit with thermostatically-controlled water-oil heat exchanger
  • Calculated Ram Speeds: Extend 52 IPM; Return 100 IPM

Common Features on Beckwood Presses:

  • Heavy duty box beam design for superior rigidity and modular tie rod assembly utilizing pre-tensioning nuts for optimum performance
  • Fully adjustable Parker cylinders with full rated tonnage throughout the stroke
  • PressLink Remote Support module for complementary diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Dual linear and pressure transducers in the main ram cylinders for optimal reliability and redundancy
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC, programmable control system with touch screen HMI and Recipe Functionality
  • Structure designed for Infinite Life in accordance with rigorous simulation analysis through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) design testing
  • Backed by Beckwood’s industry leading dedicated service and support team