Presses and Machinery for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry handles a wide range of materials, from delicate foams and plastics to high-strength metals and composites. With such a wide range of production methods to cover, automotive manufacturers need presses that are versatile enough to handle their varied workloads. Beckwood’s presses are engineered to maximize efficiency, no matter what type of operation your automotive manufacturing facility performs.

We offer presses and forming machines designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by the automotive industry. Learn about how our high-performance machinery can take your automotive production to the finish line in record time:

EVOx™ and LSP™ – Linear Servo Presses

EVOx Press


Beckwood’s EVOx™ line of c-frame and 4-post servo-electric presses offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional hydraulic systems while maintaining the accuracy and precision your application requires. Servo-electric presses use an all-electric actuation system in lieu of hydraulics or mechanical flywheels to precisely control the ram throughout the entire stroke. Eliminating the hoses, pumps, and hydraulic oil improves cleanliness, energy efficiency, and operator safety while lowering operational and maintenance costs. With standard models ranging from 5,000 lbf to 100,000 lbf (2.5 to 50 tons), EVOx presses make light-duty part formation and assembly easy.


Complex draw work and stamping high-strength alloys require tight process control.  With Beckwood LSP™, you can easily program ram position, travel distance, and speeds for maximum productivity. With instant feedback for diagnostics and data acquisition to record and measure torque, force, position, and time, no press offers more precision or better part quality. With presses ranging from 125 – 500 tons, Beckwood LSP™ offers the highest tonnage capacity of any linear servo press available. High precision, uptime, reliability, and unmatched forming flexibility are pillars of this world-class press technology. The use of a servo motor and linear motion system allows for greater control over the pressing process, including the ability to adjust the press force, speed, and stroke. This makes linear servo presses ideal for stamping of high-strength steels, complex draw forming, progressive die forming, assembly, and any application that requires high-precision and/or accuracy.


Ascent™ Hydraulic Press –
Standard and Trimming Presses

Beckwood’s Ascent™ line of standard hydraulic presses is pre-engineered for fast shipment and cost efficiency. Through our standardization of the press designs, Ascent customers realize up to 50% lower cost and lead time compared to custom machinery, without sacrificing quality or performance. All Ascent models feature a unitized frame designed to the Infinite Life classification and a gib guidance system for ultimate precision and rigidity. These gib guided systems can be used to form both interior and exterior automotive components, including plastic molded, painted and assembled parts. These parts are used for instrument and door panels, headliners, rear gates, exterior cladding and more.

Compression Molding Presses

A compression molding press can be used to compress, cure, and form plastic, rubber, SMC, BMC, and composites for the automotive industry to make the products we use every day. Beckwood’s compression molding presses are engineered specifically to maximize process efficiency. From maintaining consistent heat throughout a specified dwell period to precision pressure ramping, managing burp cycles, and collecting specific cycle data for part quality verification, Beckwood heated presses help you perfect your forming operation. From plastic components like instrument panels and engine covers; to metal components including hood liners, performance brake pads, and bearings; to even power sources like solid state batteries; compression molding presses provide the versatility to serve every facet of the automotive industry.

assembly line
Custom Hydraulic Press


Beckwood specializes in engineering and building custom presses for every manufacturing challenge. This often means designing solutions that do not fit within a standard configuration in order to meet the unique needs and space requirements of specialized manufacturing facilities. A custom press engineered for your specific application and production facility will give you a competitive edge and prove its ROI faster than you might expect. In addition to custom frame styles, custom-engineered presses can also improve accuracy, efficiency, safety, and uptime depending on the options chosen during the design phase. Beckwood has developed custom hydraulic presses for automotive manufacturers including this trimming press for interior components.