St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company, a leading hydraulic press and automated systems supplier, and manufacturer of the Triform specialty forming equipment, has announced today, the inclusion of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, as standard, on all sheet hydroforming presses.

A Variable Frequency Drive is a motor controller that allows the frequency and voltage supplied to an electric motor to vary based on the requirements of the press load. Essentially, the VFD draws energy “on-demand” and ramps up the motor only when it needs to work – resulting in greater energy efficiency, reduced noise, and reduced heat.

Traditional motors on presses not equipped with VFD technology have 2 states: On or Off. With traditional systems, once an operator turns on the press the motor spins at full speed. By adding a VFD to the motor, we are able to control the speed of the motor, which in turn controls the amount of flow through the pump. This allows us to spin the motor at different speeds based on the flow demand of the system. By spinning the motor slower, we cut back on the amount of noise and heat produced by the pump as well as the amount of energy required to spin the motor. When the flow demand is zero, we are able to completely shut down the motor and eliminate any and all energy consumption.

“If there’s one thing our Triform Fluid Cell presses offer, it’s value,” said Jeff Debus, President of Beckwood Press Company. “Beyond the inexpensive tooling requirements, advanced forming capabilities and overall ease-of-use, our Triform presses are now manufactured, as standard, with increased energy efficiency due to the inclusion of this VFD technology,” he concluded.

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