St. Louis, MO –Beckwood Press Company has been awarded a contract by MuShield to engineer and build a Triform 16-15-7DD. With this new piece of hydroforming equipment, they will draw form sheet metal magnetic shielding solutions for components used in the medical, aerospace & defense, utility, and electronics industries.

The new Triform deep draw sheet hydroforming press will have a 16-inch forming area, a 7-inch draw depth capacity, and the ability to hit pressures up to 15,000 PSI. The press will also be equipped with a lower punch force cylinder increase which allows for larger part formation at higher pressures.

To facilitate fast die changeover, a tool change station will be provided for the ease of loading and unloading tooling. A cartridge-style lower chamber, fixed on rollers, will be supplied with the press to allow movement in and out of the forming chamber. The shuttle will also be equipped with a punch tool lift cylinder for raising and lowering the punch when loading and unloading.

To integrate with MuShield’s existing systems, a barcode reader for recipe handling will be included. Triform’s intuitive programming allows for storage of over 10,000 part recipes with full control of optimal forming pressures and desired positions throughout the draw.

“The Triform 16-15-7DD from Beckwood Press has been on our radar since we saw it on the floor at FABTECH in Las Vegas a few years back,” said Luke Grilli VP of Sales and Marketing at MuShield. “The machine is going to take our current hydroforming capabilities to the next level as we stay ahead of the competition as an industry leader in custom magnetic shielding. More importantly, it will also allow for peace of mind that we have an excellent hydroform on the shop floor for the next 20+ years.”

“We are very excited to partner with MuShield on this project and provide their team with a reliable hydroforming solution for their existing work, while also supporting their effort to drive future growth with a larger machine and the latest in technology,” said Beckwood Sales Manager, Caleb Dixon. “Our goal is to collaborate with our customers on the types of parts they will be forming, to ensure we are delivering the right solution for the job.”

MuShield is a worldwide industry leader as a manufacturer of custom magnetic shields, precision sheet metal fabrication, and hydroforming. Established in 1989, the company manufactures advanced magnetic shielding solutions made from magnetic shielding alloys such as mumetal and other high nickel alloys. They also fabricate and hydroform high-quality components made from all materials with maximum efficiency and minimal waste. Learn more at MuShield.com

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