A&D Job Shop Expands Deep Draw Capabilities and Modernizes Operations 

Building on a relationship of over 9 years, Beckwood is assisting Globe Engineering to expand their hydroforming operations with their very first TRIFORM deep draw machine. This delivery was planned in collaboration with Kansas Oklahoma Machine Tools (KOMT), one of the Midwest’s leading machinery distributors. 

Globe Engineering is no stranger to hydroforming as they purchased their first Cincinnati deep draw hydroform in 1964. Their new TRIFORM machine signifies the beginning of Globe Engineering’s efforts to modernize their hydroforming operation after building the foundation of a legacy in this manufacturing niche. 


“We are very excited to partner with Globe Engineering to support the modernization of their hydroform operation, while also increasing their capability with a larger 42-10-12 deep draw hydroform.  This will allow Globe to form larger diameter parts, at higher pressures, all in a repeatable manner that can eliminate steps and minimize the reliance on skilled labor.” 

– Gerard Choinka, Sales Engineer at Beckwood Press Co.  


The deep draw TRIFORM 42-10-12 machine boasts the largest forming area on today’s market with a max blank diameter of 42”. This machine is also equipped with an increased lower punch force (4,337 Tons) to ensure larger punches can be formed at higher pressures, which is critical when forming high nickel alloys.  The lower punch cylinder is equipped with the support pin add-on, which helps maintain support for oblong part geometries similar to exhaust components.  This, combined with adapting to a wide array of existing tooling setups and a quick changeover system, allows for a seamless transition which uniquely cements Globe Engineering’s position as a leader in the hydroform market. 


About Globe Engineering  

Globe Engineering is a world-renowned job shop which specializes in serving the defense and aerospace industries with hydroforming, tube bending, machining, spinning, complex assemblies, welding, laser cutting, and heat treating services. At their facilities in Wichita, KS, they manufacture complex welded assemblies, exhaust systems, bulk heads, headers, lids, domes, and many other products for the aerospace industry. 

Take a look at our updated web site: www.globeeng.com 


About KOMT 

KOMT distributes and supports a broad range of advanced technology machine tools throughout the Midwest. Serving Kansas, Oklahoma, and the western half of Missouri, their highly experienced team of sales engineers and support technicians provide clients with an uncompromising level of service – both before and after the sale. With over 40 product lines represented, KOMT offers a breadth of manufacturing solutions unparalleled in the market, including some of the most unique and customized tooling products in the world.  

KOMT has been working with Beckwood Press Company for 14 years, providing unique solutions to unusual/difficult metal forming applications. 

Learn more at komt.com. 


About Beckwood Press Company 

Beckwood Press Company is a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses and automation equipment located in St. Louis, MO – USA. Their industrial solutions support nearly every industry and application including aerospace forming, compression molding, Hot Forming / SPF, sheet hydroforming, deep draw forming, stretch forming, and stamping. Stay up to date with the latest news from Beckwood at beckwoodpress.com/news.