Beckwood to Build Dual Ram Press for Leading USA Ballistics Manufacturer 


Building on a 20-year long relationship, we are proud to once again be serving one of the top defense manufacturers in the world. Their primary manufacturing facility is home to several Beckwood presses of varying capability and process techniques utilized both for R&D and full-scale production to support military contracts. 

This customer is seeking to expand their current capacity to meet the increasing demand in the marketplace. This new dual ram compression molding press will allow the customer to do “more with less”, and in this case, that is less floorspace.  Each ram will operate independently to maximize efficiency and output. 

To further enhance process efficiency and maximize uptime, the press will feature quick die change elements including semi-automated hydraulic clamps and die rollers. This is another notable upgrade compared to their existing machinery, which employs an entirely manual die changeover process. 

Being in defense sector, programmability and traceability are two key features that cannot be compromised. Our robust programming capabilities allow for the creation of complex cycle profiles that are required for the process and materials in this space. This is complemented by our press’ data acquisition capabilities, which allow for real-time monitoring, recording, and storage of data for critical parameters to ensure part quality. 


About Beckwood Press Company 

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