165 Ton Gib-Guided Trimming Press pre-preventive maintenance and quick die change

St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company has been chosen to engineer and custom build a new 165 Ton, 8-Point Gib-Guided Trim Press for a leading US automotive parts manufacturer. The trim press will feature Beckwood’s Pre-Preventive Maintenance system which monitors and reports system health & performance with the goal of eliminating unplanned downtime.

The company who ordered the press manufactures interior and exterior automotive parts, including plastic molded, painted and assembled parts. These parts are used for instrument and door panels, headliners, rear gates, exterior cladding and more. The customer was looking for an American Made trim press to add to their headliner forming line that could efficiently handle the high volume workloads required from the critical-path piece of equipment. US-based service & support was also an important factor in their decision.

As a critical-path piece of equipment, Beckwood’s solution will be equipped with multiple redundancies to eliminate unplanned downtime. Beckwood’s proprietary Pre-Preventive Maintenance (PPM) system is also included, which automatically reports on press performance criteria, faults, safety checks and more. This reporting can be delivered in real-time straight from the press to chosen points of contact – and includes the ability to communicate with other machinery in the plant.

“We’re thrilled the automotive industry client will be able to take advantage of Beckwood’s advanced Pre-Preventive Maintenance system,” said Beckwood President, Jeffery Debus. “With on-board PPM; system health and performance reports will not only be sent directly to the client, but also to our own internal service team. This ability, for both the customer and manufacturer to receive advance-warning of potential issues, is an indispensable tool for operations which can’t afford downtime.” Mr. Debus added.

The project is currently in the final phases of engineering, and is slated for delivery in May of 2014.

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