Beckwood triform deep draw results

St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic and servo-electric presses, has expanded its Triform product line with the addition of a 15,000 PSI deep draw sheet hydroforming press, featuring a 12-in. diameter maximum blank size and a 7-in. draw-depth capacity. The new Triform model 12-15-7DD appeals to the aerospace, medical, and electronic industries due to its ability to draw and form high-strength materials. The press’s structure is engineered for Infinite Life and features a compact, flush-floor design that requires no pits or special foundations.

Precision diaphragm pressure and punch position control, combined with built-in recipe handling capability, offer significantly increased forming proficiency. For fast, cost-efficient new part development, the 12-15-7DD features Triform’s exclusive ‘In-Sight’ feature, which allows the press to be paused and opened at any point in the forming cycle for a visual inspection of the forming process.

See how the deep draw process works