Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Presses with Non-Traditional Frame Styles - Multi-Post Example

St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company recently delivered a unique, 10-post hydraulic heated platen press with 5 zones of force control, each consisting of hydraulic cylinders. The press will be used in the compression molding of honeycomb panels for application in a variety of different industries.

The 10-post design significantly cut down on the structural span of the press, allowing the overall height to be minimized while maintaining ‘infinite life’ structural integrity. Without the additional posts, the height of the weldments would have been increased in order to withstand the deflection associated with the high tonnage press. The multi-post design results in a 1,000 ton, up-acting press that maintains an optimal working height without the need for a pit or working platform.

Five (5) zones of force control are also integrated into the design, along with photographic ‘eyes’ for part presence identification. The required working-surface varies depending on the size of the honeycomb panel being run. The photographic sensors identify the zones required for the loaded part and activate those areas of the press automatically. This, along with a pneumatically actuated quick die change (QDC) roller system, minimizes the manual requirements of the operator to increase overall production.

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