YOU ARE INVITED to our cocktail reception Tuesday, November 8th at 3pm in booth B5507 to celebrate the unveiling. of Beckwood LSP™, a completely new type of press that combines the flexibility of hydraulic presses with the performance of servo-mechanicals. Product Managers will be available to answer questions, and visitors are encouraged to try the press for themselves.

Visitors will see first-hand the new era of press technology that uses only electricity to create force rather than hydraulic or mechanical flywheel systems. New to the press industry, the patented Linear Servo Press™ line uses up to 60% fewer components resulting in cost savings, increased throughput, and easy set-up.

The model LSP-250-3660 on display will feature 250 tons of force rated anywhere in the stroke via an all-electric actuation system with two linear servo actuators, a 36-in. x 60-in. forming area, and production-level speeds. The technology requires no crankshaft, counterbalance, flywheel, centralized lubrication, or hydraulic power unit and results in no scheduled maintenance throughout millions of cycles.

Explore the intuitive programming and cycle parameters with fully configurable speeds, pressures, and positions. Learn about the modes of operation, and watch the press reach tight positional and pressure accuracies. See the real-time data logging and acquisition system with high-resolution graphing capabilities.