EVOx servo-electric press manufactured by beckwood press corporation

As manufacturing facilities and assembly plants continue to evolve and become more efficient, so does press technology.  Today, servo-electric presses are becoming increasingly popular in both high-precision and more ‘traditional’ hydraulic press applications alike. Here’s why:

  • Precision Forming – Beckwood’s EVOxTM line of servo-electric presses is fully programmable to ensure accuracy and positional repeatability to within +/- 0.0005”. They offer instant feedback for diagnostics and maintenance, and data acquisition capabilities record and measure torque, force, position, and time at a maximum rate of 1 sample / ms.
  • Full Tonnage throughout the Stroke –  Servo-electric presses can initiate maximum pressing force at any point throughout the stroke. This allows you to control several cycle parameters including travel distance, pressure, and return position.
  •  Clean – Since servo-electric presses run entirely on electricity, no oil is required. Not only does this eliminate leaks and costly disposal fees, it ensures that cleanliness requirements are maintained for meticulous environments like labs and clean rooms.
  • Easy Maintenance – Without oil tanks, pumps, valves, and hoses, servo-electric presses require fewer components to achieve force. This makes them much easier to maintain and support than hydraulic or mechanical flywheel systems.
  • Energy Efficient – A large amount of electricity is required to power a hydraulic system, even when the press is idle. Servo presses use energy on-demand, yielding energy and cost savings of up to 60%.
  • Long Life – Using roller screw actuators from Exlar® ensures EVOxTM presses last up to 15 times longer and achieve greater load capacity than ball screw servo presses.
  • Less Noise –  Motors and pumps that drive a hydraulic power unit can exceed 90 decibels. Eliminating the HPU and its components and only using power when the press is operating (on-demand), servo presses maintain a very low ambient noise level.

mechanical vs hydraulic vs servo-electric press comparison

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