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EVOx Servo Presses Deliver Unmatched Precision

We’ve been bringing a lot of attention to our higher tonnage LSP line of linear servo electric presses lately- but the EVOx electric press line is not to be outdone.

Encompassing the other half of our servo-electric press offerings, EVOx electric presses are built for applications under 50 tons to assemble and form parts with incredibly high precision. Our EVOx presses have proven themselves more than capable of forming parts with high accuracy in the automotive industry, consumer goods industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, and job shops alike.

These presses are lauded for their low maintenance, high energy efficiency, and most of all, their precision forming capabilities.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the EVOx linear servo press, from what makes it so reliable to how it stacks up against traditional hydraulic presses. You may be surprised to learn what this electric press has in store.

How the EVOx Servo Press Offers a Higher Degree of Precision

There are many features of EVOx electric presses that contribute to their ability to form parts with incredible precision.

EVOx presses have a unique advantage over hydraulic presses when it comes to utilizing the lower end of their tonnage capacity. Most hydraulic presses can operate at a minimum tonnage as low as approximately 20-30% of their rated tonnage. On the other hand, servo electric presses can operate at just 5% of their total tonnage capacity.

For example, say you have a 100 ton hydraulic press and a 100 ton servo press. The hydraulic press will typically be able to operate at a minimum tonnage of 20 tons, while the servo presses can go down to a tonnage as low as just 5 tons.

Thanks to a flexible programming system, the EVOx allows for positional repeatability within as little as just ±0.0005” for reliable precision forming.

EVOx servo electric presses operate under a closed loop system, which samples metrics like torque, force, position, and time, as many times as once every millisecond. This feedback allows the press to make continual adjustments throughout the machine stroke to ensure that the press is always operating under the outlined process parameters.

The Technology Behind Servo Electric Presses

Where hydraulic systems are integral to the function of hydraulic presses, servo actuators are equally fundamental to electric presses like EVOx. Each of our servo presses is powered by precision planetary roller screw actuators that outperform and outlast ball screw actuators and other technologies.

These roller screw actuators deliver even tonnage throughout the press stroke and are responsible for our electric press’ outstanding precision. They effectively replace complex hydraulic control add-ons for our hydraulic presses when precision performance is required.

Additionally, roller screw actuators last up to 15 times longer than ball screw servo actuators. We are proud to include this incredible technology in both the EVOx and the LSP to deliver presses with maximum longevity.

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EVOx Electric Press Frame Types

At Beckwood our standard servo electric presses are available in both C-frame and 4-post configurations. Each of these frame types offers their own advantages.

C-frame servo presses allow operators to access the press bed from 3 sides, while a 4 post press allows for easy access from any side of the press bed.

For special applications, EVOx presses can be equipped with custom features just like our other press models. Heated platens for hot forming, light curtains for safety, quick die change options for assembly, and more are all available to ensure that your Beckwood press meets all your precision forming needs.

High Precision Electric Presses Help Reduce Scrap

EVOx presses offer the highest degree of precision out of all Beckwood presses. EVOx models can form parts within tighter tolerances than ever possible before. Additionally, our electric presses’ intuitive interface and robust programming facilitate repeated forming accuracy for reliable, consistent quality between press strokes.

This increased accuracy means that more of your parts will be formed within spec, effectively reducing the amount of scrap parts produced by your electric press. Combined with the elimination of hydraulic fluid, a servo-electric press can result in up to 80% scrap reduction compared to a traditional hydraulic press.

Modernize Your Metalforming with a Beckwood Servo Press

A servo electric press from Beckwood can give your business a competitive edge by improving production performance, minimizing downtime, reducing required maintenance, and lowering operating costs. If your application requires a press that can operate at 50 tons or less, consider investing in an EVOx electric press to get ahead of the competition.

Servo actuation undeniably offers many distinct advantages to hydraulic systems. However, Beckwood understands the benefits and ideal applications for both hydraulic and servo electric systems. Contact us today to help guide you through discovering a press that is ideal for your manufacturing needs.

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