Category: Press Operation

Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming – Multiple Parts

See the Triform 24-5FC form multiple parts in a single cycle.

42″ Deep Draw Hydroforming

See the Triform 42-10-12DD deep draw sheet hydroforming press in action.

Punching / Blanking

Check out this 75-ton hydraulic punching press operating at 60 cycles/minute.

Hydraulic Deep Drawing

Watch this 450-ton deep draw press form a 32-in. diameter cylinder with ease.

Die Spotting / Tryout

50 ton spotting or tryout press designed to teach die maintenance.

Gib-Guided General Forming

Watch the 8 point square gib guidance system minimize lateral movement under load.

Sawyer the Robot

Sawyer from Rethink Robotics visited us thanks to HTE Technologies! Watch him form parts in a Triform press.

Progressive Die Forming

View this 450 ton gib-guided hydraulic press designed for progressive die forming.

Compression Molding

250 ton compression molding press for composite forming in aerospace industry.

Rubber Pad Forming

Watch this 400 ton rubber pad press form multiple parts in a single cycle.