Category: Press Operation

Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming – Dual Shuttles

See the Triform 3678-6FC form multiple parts in a single cycle and accelerate production via the dual shuttle system.

Electro-Mechanical Servo-Driven Presses

Watch these 13-ton electro-mechanical servo-driven presses designed for precision trimming.

Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming – Multiple Parts

See the Triform 24-5FC form multiple parts in a single cycle.

42″ Deep Draw Hydroforming

See the Triform 42-10-12DD deep draw sheet hydroforming press in action.

Punching / Blanking

Check out this 75-ton hydraulic punching press operating at 60 cycles/minute.

Hydraulic Deep Drawing

Watch this 450-ton deep draw press form a 32-in. diameter cylinder with ease.

Die Spotting / Tryout

50 ton spotting or tryout press designed to teach die maintenance.

Gib-Guided General Forming

Watch the 8 point square gib guidance system minimize lateral movement under load.

Sawyer the Robot

Sawyer from Rethink Robotics visited us thanks to HTE Technologies! Watch him form parts in a Triform press.

Progressive Die Forming

View this 450 ton gib-guided hydraulic press designed for progressive die forming.