St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company, leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses, automation systems, and next-generation Triform sheet hydroforming presses, unveiled today their Advanced Technology Center (ATC). The ATC will allow for the exhibition of Beckwood-manufactured hydraulic presses, sheet hydroforming presses and strategic partner technologies such as the Pam-Stamp 3D forming simulation software.

“Beckwood’s new Advanced Technology Center allows us to publicly share a variety of manufacturing technologies with prospective & existing customers, as well as others within the manufacturing community interested in continuing education,” said Beckwood President, Jeffrey Debus.

The new center, located at 901 Horan Drive in St. Louis, Missouri, will offer visitors the ability to learn about emerging technologies in a classroom environment, followed by a hands-on continuation of that training using operational equipment. New Beckwood & Triform customers can receive in-depth training within the ATC, prior to the delivery of their in-progress equipment. And existing Beckwood & Triform customers can leverage the ATC for ensuring their team remains at the leading edge.

In addition to acting as a secure environment for various research & development projects, the ATC will place heavy emphasis on the collaboration of individual technologies for increased competitiveness. “Beckwood is much more than a hydraulic press manufacturer,” said Debus. “We’re a total solutions provider. We want visitors to the ATC to leave having acquired ‘game-changing’ information regarding how they can link together multiple processes for greater overall capability. For example, the combination of Forming Simulation Software, 3D Printed Tooling and Sheet Hydroforming can take part manufacturers from a part drawing on their computer to a finished part, in less than 2 days,” added Debus. “That type of information is powerful.”

The ATC will open to Beckwood customers and other select manufacturers in April, 2014.

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