Beckwood press used to form aerospace cabin interiors

St. Louis, MO – Beckwood recently installed an 800-ton custom hydraulic heated platen press which will be used in a compression molding application to thermoform aerospace cabin interiors. The 60″ x 108″ bed and ram platens are heated via a hot oil system for ultimate temperature uniformity.

Additional features include 48″ of stroke, dwell capability for holding precise pressure on the part for extended periods of time, and mirrored light curtains to ensure operator safety.  Beckwood engineers worked closely with the customer to create a user-friendly controls system which includes full recipe functionality.  Operators have the ability to program and save pressure and position values, temperature specifications, desired dwell time, and bump sequences for the controlled release of gases which build up during the thermoforming process.

“This press is a great example of Beckwood’s ability to apply years of advanced heated platen press experience, gained through countless projects, to an individual customer’s application,” said Darrell Harrelson, Beckwood’s Engineering Manager.

“We’re able to check off all the boxes, giving our customers exactly what is needed to make quality parts for years to come,” Harrelson continued.

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