Gibs are press components that guide the reciprocating motion of the ram to maintain superior squareness and parallelism throughout the stroke. Commonly found on both mechanical and hydraulic presses, gib-guided designs are the frame style of choice for the most demanding applications.

Beckwood’s 8-point gib-guided press systems offer superior rigidity and use self-lubricating, graphite-impregnated bronze wear strips to provide the most precise level of ram guidance. Additionally, gib-guided presses – also known as straight-sided presses – have very tight clearances and are fully adjustable left-to-right as well as front-to-back, providing the ultimate resistance to lateral slide motion. 

All gib-guided Beckwood presses with less than 200 tons of force can be upgraded to servo-electric actuation. Imagine the efficiency you’ll gain with a gib-guided servo-electric press!

Advantages of Gib-Guided Presses

  • Best option to structurally counteract the effects of off-center loading
  • Most precise ram guidance method available
  • Gibs are adjustable to ensure accuracy over time

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