230 Ton Gib-Guided Coining Press, hydraulic coining press for pharmaceutical industry
Frame StyleGib-Guided
Special Features• Part Ejection System
• SITEMA Hydraulic Ram Safety Catcher System
Intended UseUsed to coin tooling for use in the pharmaceutical industry

Custom Features:

  • 4-point square gib-guidance system minimizes lateral movement under load
  • Calculated Ram Speeds: Fast Approach: 470 IPM; Pressing: 0-38 IPM (Variable); Return: 425 IPM
  • Cushion control circuit for integration with customer-provided cushion assembly
  • Equipped with a 3.5” stroke, 4 ton capacity hydraulic part ejector
  • Dwell capability
  • SITEMA Hydraulic Ram Safety Catcher System (RSCS) provided for secondary holding of ram the in any position during the stroke and is designed for the static load of the ram and tooling
  • Pneumatically actuated, vertically sliding Plexiglass gate with safety interlocks on front opening of press
  • Bolt-on hinged Plexiglass guards with safety interlocks on side and rear opening of press
  • Equipped with Beckwood’s exclusive Regeneration Circuit for the fast approach and retract modes
  • Kidney loop filter/cooler circuit with thermostatically-controlled water-oil heat exchanger