Quick Facts
Type of PressBulldozer 3-press package
Tonnage(1) 400 tons; (2) 260 tons
Special Features• 8-point gibguidance system
• Dual control modes
• Modular operator platform
ChallengeEnsure parallelism during off-center loading.
SolutionAll three presses feature an 8-point adjustable gib-guidance system that maintains tight ram-to-bed tolerances and counteracts the effects of off-center loading.
ChallengeReduce reliance on skilled labor.
SolutionThe easy-to-use dual-mode system controller, powered by an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC, ensures repeatability in every cycle no matter the operator’s skill level.
ResultsThe three new bulldozer presses have increased the customer’s production capacity and improved part repeatability.

Beckwood Press Company recently manufactured three bulldozer presses for one of the world’s largest suppliers of railroad and transit system products. The new 3-press package will be used to form, straighten and bend I-beams to support the improvement of railway infrastructure. In total, this railroad industry leader now relies on seven Beckwood presses in their daily forming operations.

Highlights of the (2) 260-ton presses and (1) 400-ton press include Parker Industrial Grade Hydraulic Cylinders, a Regeneration Circuit for the fast approach and retract modes, and a dual-mode control system for easy operation.

All three presses feature a self-lubricating gib guidance system with graphite-impregnated bronze wear strips. This adjustable system provides robust guiding of the ram with extra stability, ensuring squareness and parallelism are maintained under off-center loading conditions.

In accordance with Beckwood’s rigorous quality standards, the press structures are designed to the Infinite Life classification using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design software. The computer-aided simulations, which mirror real-world manufacturing stresses, ensure the designs are robust enough to handle the most taxing applications.

“We are committed to providing our customers with competitive advantages in their manufacturing processes,” said Beckwood President Jeffrey Debus. “This 3-press package is another great example of how our Sales and Engineering teams worked with the customer to develop a solution tailored to their specific needs and production goals.”


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