Included on every Beckwood and Triform press is an on-board diagnostic system which acts as a ‘check engine’ light for your press. If an issue occurs, this tool can reduce troubleshooting time considerably by giving your maintenance crew real-time information.

The status of your press’ Delta, PLC inputs and outputs, sensor feedback and more can be reviewed directly through the HMI with a clearly-labeled Green Light/Red Light system. Additionally, analog inputs and outputs are displayed with the voltage input/output amount, helping your team solve any issues even faster.

This diagnostic system takes you right to the source of the problem so you can address it quickly, make adjustments and resume production.

This is just one more way Beckwood can help you eliminate downtime.

Learn about two other technologies Beckwood offers to help you achieve 100% uptime: Pre-Preventive Maintenance Programs and Remote Support.


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