“At Beckwood, the management team encourages us to set our own goals and work at our own pace. This makes me feel like I’m my own boss and that the company cares about my personal and professional growth.

Top management has a personal relationship with every employee. They call us by name and make us feel appreciated, supported, and included. Since starting the Foundations for Success program, which gives teams the tools and support to act on their ideas, I’ve seen a huge improvement in morale. This kind of empowerment is rare in today’s workplace.

Our benefits are better than I’ve seen anywhere else. Salaries meet or exceed industry standards, bonuses are paid when we are profitable, health insurance is affordable and comprehensive, and 401k contributions are generously matched.

Beckwood’s commitment to their people is what sets them apart from other employers. It gives me a real sense of pride knowing my company cares about what’s important to me.”