Bulge forming, once referred to as an “exotic” metal forming process, is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers because of its ability to produce seamless, lightweight, “near-net-shape” parts. From aerospace and automotive to oil and gas, bulge forming allows manufacturers to quickly and accurately form their most complex parts.

Beckwood’s bulge forming presses are ideal for manufacturing parts from a variety of materials including aluminum and high-strength super-alloys. Our machines boast the ability to maintain incredibly tight tolerances resulting in superior part uniformity and significant weight reduction.

During the bulge forming process, operators insert a blank into a mold and introduce pressure (typically via water or air) into the chamber. The pressurized media forms the material to the shape and contour of the tool. Throughout this process the press acts as a clamp, applying force to the tool in order to counter the pressure being injected into the chamber, ensuring the tool remains closed.  Fluid bulge forming is typically used to forming cylindrical shapes such as tubes or canisters whereas pneumatic (air or gas) bulge forming is most often used to form spherical shapes such as discs or tank heads.

Using a Beckwood Bulge forming press, you can produce everything from a simple dome or tank head, to complex shapes with non-symmetrical features while maintaining uniform wall thicknesses.

In addition to this efficient method of forming, Beckwood specializes in several other “niche” manufacturing solutions including: stretch forming machines, sheet hydroforming presses, compression molding presses, and hot forming/SPF presses.


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